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Our vision is a world created and sustained by communities of people living debt-free, creative lives.

tgl allows people to introduce new systems of exchange into their community. We use the actions of teaching, giving and learning to generate a new Local currency 'L'.

L promotes local exchange as skills, goods and services are offered and accepted within communities. Our belief is that life-long learning, skills exchange, generosity and collaboration can power a brand new way of living.

The new tgl system is in its beta testing phase. Please email peter@tgl.tv with any issues you find.
What is tgl?
About tgl
Welcome to tgl! We want to help you build a better world, use this tab to find out how.
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Your MYtgl Page
Create your own Homepage complete with media, links and information about yourself, with all your tgl content and maps.
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The tgl Charter
The tgl Charter helps create a safe and secure environment, guarunteeing members don't abuse the site.
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Find out about alternative currencies, how they can save you money, promote local spending and help share skills.
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Welcome to tgl

Welcome to a brand new way of living!

tgl stands for Teaching, Giving and Learning. We aim to build a sustainable world founded on making life fun, where fun means discovering your natural talents.

We see education as being fundamental to creating change. To support Teaching and Learning we pay both students and tutors for exchanging skills and knowledge. Our alternative currency 'L' encourages people to discover what they are good at by rewarding time invested in education.

We also support Giving by paying Volunteers in L for donating their time. We value the natural kindness and generosity of people, and hope to encourage collaboration and communication within local communities.

Money generated by teaching, giving and learning can be recycled locally between people, businesses, shops, trades people, suppliers, etc. to help people, communities, towns and villages to create new cycles of collaboration and exchange.

What is tgl?

  • tgl is an on-line media 'tool-kit' for people to find, offer and exchange goods, services and skills in their communities
  • members who choose to offer and exchange their knowledge, generate a new local currency in their tgl bank account
  • 'Alt-Pay' provides payment systems to ensure that exchange and barter are made easy
  • members can join tglHUBS to combine skills and purchasing power with people who share their interests

Example MYtgl profile

A full page view of an example MYtgl profile

Example Header

Customise your MYtgl profile with a header and profile image. An easy way to give life to your page and highlight an aspect of your self or your business. This appears at the top of all your content so people can easily find out more about you.

Build your profile

Members can customise their MYtgl homepage with photos, videos, audio and web links, Embed media from sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, Flickr, Photobucket and more!

MYco/MYorg Company Profile

Members can create profiles for companies and businesses, which can build shops, courses, services, with all the features of a regular member, including an L Bank account.

tgl Charter

Charter from the Join form

The tgl Charter is something which all members must agree to when they join the site. It asks that people use the site and act honourably and honestly within their local communities and Hubs.

This helps us keep tgl a safe and secure environment for everyone, enabling people to trust each other. As local communities develop tglHubs and tglTowns they will be able to interact with their members on and off the site and moderate content from the local community, placing trust and responsibility in real world Hubs and communities.

Click here to read the Charter

L-Bank login screen

Banking lies at the heart of tgl and is the home of the L Bank, offering all the facilities of a High St. bank but on a debt-free basis. The L Bank requires a separate login for extra security with a 4-digit pin.

L-Bank statement

View L payments and transactions with Statements, sort by date or member. Pay L direct to other members, or set up Standing Orders. L Banking services are also available on mobile phone for making L payments on the move.

Search tgl to find what you are looking for, buy a product, hire a service, enroll on a course, join a project, fond a volunteer and more.
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Build content and help populate the tgl Village.
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tglHubs lets groups of like minded people come together to interact and collaborate on common causes.
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tglTowns shows content found within your local area, or an area of your choice.
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Searching in Shops

Find content by searching each area of the site using keywords and location refinement. Above is an example of a Shops search page.

Search Results

Results are displayed in an easy to use carousel. Click on an item to find out more information.

Shop Products

Shop results display the products related to your keyword, with prices in combinations of £'s and L. Use L Bargains to refine by percentage of L, and if a retailer is willing to negotiate the Barter icon will appear with the price.

Result View

Results have full page displays with more information, videos/photos as well as contact information and map location where available. Member's profile is easily accessed to find out their interests and offer a barter exchange.

Build Drop-down

Build is available at any time from the top-rail of the site. Select an area to begin building content and adding to the tgl community.

Build form

Every area of the site has a similar build form where you add details, media, location and information specific to that area. This is an example build form for Courses, which has Timetable and Syllabus options as well as price and duration.

Manage content

Manage your content at any time, such as adding products or view orders for Shops. Above is an example payment service for a course owner, who can make request L from tgl based on completion of a Course to pay Tutors and Students for their attendance

View content

Quickly view all content a member has built by using the 'Grid view' on a their MYtgl profile.

Build a Company or Organisation Profile

Members can build profiles for a company or organisation using MYco/MYorg. To prevent misuse MYco accounts can only be created from a personal membership. This is to connect company accounts to real members and avoid fake identities.

About tglhubs

tglHubs allow groups of people to come together under common causes. We would like to start Hubs for Music, Sport, Art, Recovery, Leisure, Education, etc. which give access to related content from across tgl. Hubs can be real world and virtual.

tglHubs drop down

tglHubs is found on the top-rail and opens a search to find and Join Hubs related to your interests. myHubs is a list of all the Hubs you have joined. People who have not joined tgl can still search Hubs and join them as part of joining tgl.

Hub Results

Search and view a range of Hubs before asking to Join.


MYtowns instantly connects members to content in their local area.

When you join tgl, we create a customised Map centered around your home address, which you can access at any time to see what's happening in your Town.

Refine content based on categories, such as your High Street, Sports and Leisure, Trades and Showrooms, Education and Skills.

You will soon be able to search other towns and locations and add them to your MYtowns list.

See content around your local area. Refine by category or using the scroll bar to select particular areas of the tgl Village.

tgl Videos
Please view our videos explaining some of the larger concepts behind tgl and how L can work in the community.
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tgl in a nutshell

tgl in a nutshell

Artists and Musicians

Artists and Musicians

World of Sport

World of Sport

About Hubs
  • a tglHUB can be developed by members who wish to collaborate for common benefit
  • hub activities can cover numerous arenas - arts, sports, health, business, education, leisure, technology, energy...and so on
  • our Co-Lab system works to assist such groups to develop some form of cooperative social enterprise
  • as hubs develop so do opportunities to pool resources while gaining from related economies of scale
  • please contact peter@tgl.tv or tglmail to peter to discuss further
About Towns
  • tglTowns connects you instantly with your local town and community
  • A map provides instant locations of shops, services, courses and projects in your area
  • Town maps are populated with offers and content from tgl members
  • Members decide whether or not to display their content on Town maps, so you have full control over the privacy of your offers
  • When joining tgl we ask you to provide your address, this is necessary to personalise your account and instantly connect you with your area
  • please contact peter@tgl.tv or tglmail to peter to discuss further