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tgl is a ground breaking virtual marketplace for local people, business and communities. It brings together multiple online experiences and evolves them into an integrated social, cultural and economic platform.

tgl introduces a new banking system based on the principle of 'learn-and-earn'. In tgl, you generate a new local currency simply by choosing to do the things you enjoy.

Our unique e-banking and e-commerce systems help you create a new way of living as you exchange and barter skills, goods and services locally.

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New systems of Banking, Commerce and Education

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The new tgl system is in its beta testing phase. Please email peter@tgl.tv with any issues you find.

About Hubs
  • a tglHUB can be developed by members who wish to collaborate for common benefit
  • hub activities can cover numerous arenas - arts, sports, health, business, education, leisure, technology, energy...and so on
  • our Co-Lab system works to assist such groups to develop some form of cooperative social enterprise
  • as hubs develop so do opportunities to pool resources while gaining from related economies of scale
  • please contact peter@tgl.tv or tglmail to peter to discuss further
About Towns
  • tglTowns connects you instantly with your local town and community
  • A map provides instant locations of shops, services, courses and projects in your area
  • Town maps are populated with offers and content from tgl members
  • Members decide whether or not to display their content on Town maps, so you have full control over the privacy of your offers
  • When joining tgl we ask you to provide your address, this is necessary to personalise your account and instantly connect you with your area
  • please contact peter@tgl.tv or tglmail to peter to discuss further